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DJ Twist Burn DJ software is the easiest way to re-mix your music. Create the ultimate in cool mix CDs! Not only can you choose the order of songs, but you can set the tempo or BPM without changing the pitch!

The dance floor won't miss a beat. in fact, it's so easy to make a seamless dance remix that it almost feels like cheating! Chop skroo the latest singles and mix them with oldies for any party or special occasion such as weddings, raves or dance gymnastics recitals.

It can also be used for your ultimate work out CD for spinning, aerobics, running or whatever. In addition to automatically detecting the exact BPM and key of the song, it will also create unbelievable transitions from song to song.

And, if you are in to Karaoke, just click the automatic voice removal feature and the software will remove the voice! If you love to control your music, take DJ Twist Burn for a serious spin.

If you love to control your music, take DJ Twist Burn for a serious spin.

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